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All our feeds contain roasted corn and our very own, freshly-made, full-fat, Non-GMO bean meal!

At Liberty Feed and Bean Meal, we use the grains as God intended, for man and animals to eat. Non-GMO corn, beans, and oats were specifically created to be a perfect match, chemically and nutritionally, for the digestive systems of people and animals. If you want healthy animals and healthy animal products (milk, cheese, eggs, meat, etc.), then non-genetically modified grains are what you need.

There are numerous benefits to feeding your livestock our non-GMO roasted corn combined with full-fat bean meal. It provides improved nutrient levels, better digestibility, and higher energy than raw corn and low-fat bean meal.

Other benefits include:

  • Transforming saturated fats to unsaturated fats
  • Preserving the digestive aid, lecithin 
  • Rich aroma increases palatability
So what's so special about roasted corn combined with full-fat bean meal? As an example:


Roasted grain for poultry produces excellent benefits, better health grade and yield, while enhancing the broiler’s flavor. Commercial egg layers maintain a better and longer lay with fine quality eggs, from producer to consumer, with a savings of four pounds of feed per one hundred head per day. Egg size on #1 Large outranks expected production on unroasted grain. Why? Fat content of full-fat bean meal is a huge source of concentrated energy. Breeders have better production, hatchability, and livability. Chicks, ducklings, and goslings are more contented, healthier, and happier when molds are destroyed and toxins are retarded.